Behind the music

Based in Nashville, TN, 21 year old singer/songwriter Bree Lefler continues to explore and discover her musical sound.  Moving away from the acoustic sounds of country music to a more edgy indie punk rock sound, the Colorado native strives to be creatively original in everything she does. With messages about the struggles of anxiety and toxic relationships, each track is deeply relatable to listeners of all ages.

Pursuing music as a full time career since the age of 14, Bree found herself drawn to YouTube and began to release comedy skits and original music for anyone who would listen. From there, Bree was able to connect with producers Shannon McArthur and Aaron Sprinkle who have played a huge part in developing Bree's sound and growing her career. Bree still remains an active part of the YouTube community as a means to further connect with her dedicated following. Her once small channel has grown to have a subscriber count of over 3.5 thousand with over 475 thousand views. Bree also continues to perform live shows in cities all over the United States.

With the first single off of Bree's upcoming EP, she introduces listeners to an entirely new sound and era of her career. With strong production influences from 90's artists such as Third Eye Blind, The Killers, and The Cranberries, the raw lyrics of "Hypochondriac" deal with the after-effects of being made to feel crazy by the toxisity of others.  Bree has announced that the EP is titled "That's Sobriety" and is due for release late this summer.  













Upcoming shows

AUG 22 - Nashville, TN at The End

Previous shows

MAY 2 - Columbus, OH at Tree Bar

MAY 3 - Cleveland, OH at CODA

MAY 4 - Grand Rapids, MI at the Double Tree - Cleveland

MAY 5 - Madison, WI at Up North

MAY 6 - Chicago, IL at the Elbow Room

MAY 7 -Vernon, IN at Hippies Music and Events-Vernon

MAY 8 - Louisville, KY at Monnik Beer Co.

News & Updates

Atmosphere Album Art
Tides Artwork .png

Bree has just released her latest single “Atmosphere.” It is the second single off of her upcoming EP “That’s Sobriety” which will be released on August 22. Bree will be headlining at The End in Nashville that night for her album release show (tickets available under “tour.”)

Bree’s new single “Hypochondriac” is now available for streaming worldwide and the official audio can be found at Her upcoming EP “That’s Sobriety” is due for release late this summer.

The official audio for Bree's two new singles "Tides" and "Through the Walls" is now available on  Download and streaming links are available worldwide now.  


Featuring the singles "Just Another Night" and "Better Late Than Never," The Bree Lefler EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play worldwide. 

Bree is now featured on Bandwidth Daily! Click the link below to learn more about how the 18 year old got started in music, what her proudest moments have been as an artist thus far, and what to expect from her music in 2016. 


"That's Sobriety" Singles

by Bree Lefler

Bree’s first two singles off of her upcoming EP “That’s Sobriety” are now available to stream and download. The full EP will be released on August 22 and Bree will be headlining at The End for her album release show that day.

Written and performed by Bree Lefler

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Shannon McArthur